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Hybrid Guitar Material

Stabilized Guitar Tops are vacuum dyed(Light Fast) color that is penetrated to the center of the wood.  Some portions of the wood possibly might not absorb the dye due to the molecular structure of that part of the burl used.  IE: some of the wood may have died years before the entire burl, leaving different densities, therefore giving different dying characteristics.  Typically the dye/stabilizer will adsorb to 95%-99.9% of the wood.  

Dye is “Light Fast”, meaning it is UV light sensitive where the more exposure to sunlight can fade the color over a long period of time.  Keeping your material out of UV light is highly recommended. Store your finished guitar in a sealed case. If fading occurs, a light sanding will bring the colors back to life.  We use only the highest quality of dye and with the help of using a UV protected finish, your guitar will stay vibrant for many years to come. We use an alcohol based dye. Test your finish on a scrap or on one of the sample pieces that you will receive with your order.  

Gluing stabilized and hybrid material is suggested to use a 2 part epoxy to bookmatch and laminate surfaces.  The burl wood has basically been turned into a plastic and will adhere better when an epoxy is used in place of wood glues.  Vacuum bags are our preferred process for laminating but clamps will definitely get the job done.